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Hi! My name is Rachel Hartanto and I am a sound designer with a deep rooted passion for video games! Originally from Sydney Australia, I am now based in Santa Clarita California. I am an alumn from Berklee College of Music, with a Bachelors degree majoring in Electronic production and design, with a minor in acoustics and electronics.

I have always been heavily influenced by experimentalism in audio, as I love exploring sound synthesis and digital signal processing in my works. I have a passion in creating impactful sound design, immersive soundscapes and powerful mixes in all my projects.

You can find my resume here!

Clients include

Audio Engineering

By keeping up with the most current audio technology and tools, I aim to ensure the highest possible quality of sound. From recording VO, foley and field recordings into Reaper for mixing and mastering, achieving clarity in mixes are an essential part to my audio production.

Sound Design

With a knowledge in electronic production and digital signal processing, as a sound designer I have obtained the skill sets to form my own sound library in my works. Using DAW Reaper, I have learned to craft original sound effects to form the building blocks to making projects come to life.


Being half the job of an audio designer for games, audio programming is skill I have practiced to achieve seamless audio systems. Experienced in both Wwise and Fmod, I am flexible with implementing in engine for games in Unreal and Unity using source control.

MORE INFO League of Legends: The Climb

Inspired by the many people I’ve met at Riot games, I thought it’d be a nice opportunity to take what I have learned and implement them in this cinematic, "The Climb" 2018. A part of my capstone project for Berklee I had great fun creating sounds for each of the champions featured including: Yasuo, Taliyah, Ekko, Blitzcrank, Lucian and Thresh.
MORE INFO Last of Us: Ambush Scene

A 5.1 resound of a scene from game "The Last of Us" by Naughty Dog (2013).

NOTE: (will only hear 5.1 on surround setup, otherwise youtube converts audio to stereo.)
MORE INFO LoL - Azir & Elementalist Lux

A resound of League of Legends champion abilities for Azir and Elementalist Lux.
fun fun fun <3
MORE INFO UE4 Unreal Tournament

A resound and reimplementation in UE4 for weapons Minigun, Flak Cannon, and Shock Rifle in level 'Outpost 23'.
pew pew

A part of my capstone project from Berklee College of Music. I resounded VR experience 'VR showdown' using 'Fracture' by Glitch Machines to make robot sounds using my own vocal samples.
MORE INFO Hyperlight Drifter (cinematic)

This was a game I very much admired in sound and I loved recreating the opening scenes. I recorded my own electro-magnetic field recordings using a telephone pickup recorder into my own Zoom field recording microphone to create a lot of distorted effects and glitchy sounds. I used analogue synths for the alot of the ambiences including, the Roland Juno-106 and the Moog Sub-phatty.

A part of sound test from Media Molecule, resound of various elements of the game. All original sounds and music.
MORE INFO Pretty Cure! / Glitter Force

One of my earliest sound design projects, "Smile Pretty Cure!" by Toei Animation was a passion project for me and one that really got me started in sound design. Very synth based sound design, I took inspiration by early animes including Sailor Moon and Mew Mew Power. I relied on plugins including FM8 and Serum to create most of my sounds and recorded Japanese voice actors.
MORE INFO Sanjay's Super Team

My resound for the short film by Pixar "Sanjay's Super Team" (2015) was a challenging experience for sound design, and I enjoyed replacing the sounds for this originally musically driven piece. I had a lot of fun creating sounds using traditional Indian and South Asian instruments to create the sounds for Ravana and gods Vishnu, Durga, and Hanuman.