Dance Central VR

I was honored to do some sound design for Harmonix’s game Dance Central VR! Featured on the Oculus Quest – Spring 2019, it was a pleasure to work on the Dance Central Franchise and this game will be featured at PAX East 2019.

Check it out!

“You might have felt like you had cutting-edge moves when you boogied through Dance Central — thanks to the Kinect — on Xbox 360, or when you downloaded it on your Kinect-less Xbox One. But soon, you’ll be able to tear it up in virtual reality. Harmonix is bringing Dance Central to VR this spring. It’ll be available on Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S, and it’s set to be a launch title on the forthcoming Oculus Quest.

The new Dance Central will have 32 songs, which is an upgrade from its Xbox One days when it launched with just 10 tracks. And this time around, it’s an online multiplayer game, so you’ll be able to meet up and dance with friends in a VR lounge.”


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