Delphyq (to be released late 2018!)


Very excited to share this project made by the teams at Beyond Red Wave Arts LLC. Very fortunate enough to be apart of the music team alongside composers David Yousefi and Rene Osmanczyk from Reenfilmmusic for the music of the game! Also I take on the role as a technical sound designer, implementing with Fmod into Unity.


Delphyq is a real-time strategy and tactics game that puts you in a “mastermind” position where you analyze the situation, choose the missions, evaluate the available resources, gather intel, and plan the attack.  However, planning is nothing without tactical execution, and in Delphyq, micro managing the actions of your entire team during combat is critical.  Giving instructions to each of your units in a squad and coordinating their actions are made possible by the game’s “Live/Pause” mechanics.  This allows for edge-of-your-seat action where you can act and react in any given situation at any given time.  As the mastermind in Delphyq, you determine your fate.


  • PC