I am thrilled to share the incredible journey of collaborating with Formosa Interactive Seattle and the talented composer, David Yousefi, on the sound design and music for Brainium’s “Jumbline” word puzzle game.

As a sound designer, working alongside David to craft an immersive audio experience and enchanting melodies that complement the captivating gameplay was an absolute delight. From the satisfying sound of letters falling into place to the cheerful jingles celebrating word discoveries, every aspect of the game’s audio landscape was meticulously designed to create an enjoyable and rewarding adventure.

The collaborative effort with Formosa Interactive Seattle, Brainium, and David Yousefi brought out the best in the game, and I’m incredibly proud to have been part of this project. So, grab your devices, dive into the world of “Jumbline,” and let the enchanting soundscapes and captivating music elevate your word-finding journey! 🎧🎵🔠🎉

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