Super Slime Arena 

Steam :


Super excited to announce that I am composing for game “Super Slime Arena” by the JellyTeam, for the level “Sweet Sweets”. Inspired by classic Super Nintendo Games, this game presents a sense of nostalgia and is fun for everyone to play!


Super Slime Arena is a minimalist party fighting game in development by Mark Trueblood (Lead Programmer, Co-Designer, and Music) Oskar Strom (Lead Artist, Co-Designer, and Music) and Liam Fratturo (Online Systems Engineer and Programmer) aka JellyTeam. Each character has a single, unique attack and one hit point leading to fast-paced action and adaptive strategy.


GAMEPLAY: Choose from 32+ different slimes to play with in matches with as many players as you have controllers for. Play how you want with five different game modes and native controller support ranging from keyboard controls to USB NES to the DJ Hero turntable.
Super Slime Arena is made to be a highly accessible fighting game that everyone can enjoy without having to deal with meters to fill up or combos to memorize that present a barrier to enjoyment in many fighting games.Being made using HaxeFlixel for release on PC/Mac/Linux.


  • PC